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Adding Personal Touches to Your Home

After moving into my house one of the things I felt was most important was getting things up onto the walls. Right after getting things organized and put away I wanted to put up pictures, anything to cover up the blank walls that were screaming for some personality. Probably much to my Dad’s dismay as I elected him to help me with the project.

While I lived at home I started collecting things to one day put up on my walls. Over a few years I gathered prints of four of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe images, movie posters (kindly given to me by a friend), even printed images off the Internet. Most of these things I tucked away in my closet knowing that their day would come. In the meantime I had bulletin boards to work with in my room that collected all kinds of things, pins, concert and movie tickets, favourite photos, and magazine clippings. All these would be put up over time to create a collage of my current reference points. As the relevance waned the board would be revamped and I’d start again. Then as time went on, one board became two, which became three, which lead to me using the back of my door for extra space. It gave me the ability to quite literally surround myself with beautiful and inspiring images.

Moving into the house gave me the opportunity to put up things that had been acquired but never been used. I really couldn’t wait to start viewing all the things I had collected. Once the furniture was in place I started going through the collection to pick the cream of the crop, then I began planning out the walls.

Measurements and quantities in hand it was off to Ikea to buy frames. Then I spent days framing up all my treasures. Most of the items were movie posters, photos, prints of paintings, belt buckles, and I did buy some greeting cards especially to frame. They turned out great. However, I think the most ingenious idea came after buying a frame that I loved but at the time had no plans for. Packing and unpacking had given me a chance to look at things I hadn’t seen in years and one of those items was a set of 1920’s Old Hollywood paper dolls. So I picked a favourite outfit for each lady, trimmed up the pieces a little better and framed them.

I had a 1920's Old Hollywood paper doll set as a child. Now they hang in the hall.

There are other ways that I have used to put my mark on this house. Wallpaper is great but can be on the pricier side. To me it was totally worth it though. There are some amazing wallpaper choices out there. To help keep the costs down I just papered an accent wall in my library and two half walls in a powder room.

I love this wallpaper and it looks amazing in the powder room.

I also enjoy using my bookshelves to display some of my more meaningful objects. Coconut head mugs, made up awards, old toys, all things with great memories attached. Same with the one windowed cabinet I have in my kitchen. There’s a skull mug from Las Vegas, a Frankenstein mug, leopard print tumblers and comic book pint glasses. Pretty much any kitchen wear that is eye catching and worth looking at gets a home in here.

Who says your china cabinet is just for china. I mixed in some heels into mine. After my broken foot healed, wearing high heels was just too painful. I cleaned my closet out and gave away most of my heels, except for a few pairs I just couldn’t part with. This mostly was because I only got to wear them a few times, if any. I didn’t want them to just sit in the closet. I wanted to enjoy them so I thought the perfect place for them was on display. Of course no kitchen is complete without a fridge full of artwork, postcards, and other assorted items all held up by Andy Warhol and Ghostbusters fridge magnets.

Since I can't wear these heels, I might as well be able to look at them.

What I like most about my walls is that they mean something to me. Just like when I had my bulletin boards, I now get to look around my house and have things that put a smile on my face look back at me.

Well, maybe there still is one bulletin board.

Little keepsakes are great to pin to a bulletin board.

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