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DIY Picnic Quilt – Part 4

We’re going to give this project just a couple of finishing details to make it extra special. In Part 1 of this series I put aside a piece of the pirate sheets to use later. I wanted to put an anchor made from this fabric as the centerpiece of this quilt.

My first step was to draw half an anchor, cut it out and then fold the paper in half and trace the other side. This would make sure that both sides were exactly the same. Use a Google image search to get a drawing to reference or you could trace an image. I wanted something basic with little detail, but would still be recognizable.

After cutting out the other half of the anchor I put the image in a projector to enlarge it. I taped a piece of tracing paper to my closet door and moved the projector back until the image was the size I wanted. I used a pencil to trace the image then I took down the paper and cut it out.

Now I have an anchor template. I placed the template on the fabric and cut around the template leaving at least a ¼” around the anchor so I’d have room for a seam allowance. The original idea I had was to sew this directly into the centre section of the quilt, but the logistics of that started giving me a headache so I decided to sew it on after. Like an appliqué.

To give a finished edge, I folded over a ¼” and pinned it down. In the curved sections I had to cut tiny slits in the fabric to give a flat curve. Be careful not to cut into the fabric, but only in the seam allowance. I laid out the quilt and moved the anchor around until the placement was right. Then I used that same fabric adhesive to keep the anchor in place then I sewed the anchor down going over the same stitch line created when the anchor was hemmed. Same as when I sewed the layers together I used white thread on the top and navy in the bobbin. When you flip the quilt over there is a nice anchor outline. You could use a different colour of thread to really have this design stand out.

This anchor gives a great finishing touch to the picnic quilt.

Like any artist it’s nice to sign your work. If you will be giving the quilt as a gift it’s nice to have a little touch to let them know you made this especially for them. Using a word program on my computer I picked a heart shape in added text to say Made With Love by Maven. I’m going to embroider this and sew it to the quilt. I didn’t want the image to be to small or too big, it ended up being 4”x4.5”

This is what we'll be using to embroider our "Made By" tag.

I went this route because I’m a really messy writer and didn’t want to freehand the design. Using a glass table I flipped the image over and while shining a flashlight up through the table I used a charcoal pencil to trace the design. I laid the embroidery fabric out and carefully place the design on top with the charcoal side down. Using a thick pencil I traced the design and removed the paper.

The fabric is then placed in an embroidery hoop and is ready to be stitched. I selected red embroidery floss for the heart and blue for the lettering.

The stitch that I have used for the heart outline and the lettering is the split stitch. This is done by making stitch, then coming up from the bottom through the mid point of the stitch and making another stitch the same length as the first. I repeated this process until everything was filled in.

For the dot over the “i,” I used a French knot. This is done by bringing the needle up through the fabric, wrapping the thread around twice and then bringing the needle back down through the fabric next to where it came up through.

For a first attempt, I think it turned out all right, but going forward I think I would increase the spacing between the letters to make sure I had enough room. It got tight in a couple spots.

Taking my pinking shears, I cut out the heart leaving about ¼” of space to sew around. Then using white thread for the top and the bobbin I attached the embroidery to the back of the quilt.

Here's how it looks once it's been sew to the quilt.

Now it’s time to pack that basket, hit the park and take a nap under a tree. You’ll deserve it after all the work you put in. As always if you’ve made a quilt, I’d love to see and hear about your creations.

Time to relax after a long project.

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