This Unicorn is ready to be set on a frame and mounted on the wall.

Blade Runner Inspired Unicorn Wall Mount

Up until about a year ago, I’d never seen Blade Runner. Once I had I didn’t know why it had taken me so long. It obviously made an impression since this week’s tutorial is Blade Runner inspired.

The third bedroom in my house has been in a state of flux for the last year. When I moved in I set it up as a spare room, but in three years only one person has used it so it’s not really pulling it’s weight. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to create a crafting space and since I love having art and things on my walls I started looking into some new options. I had my sights set on a unicorn wall mount, but they are easily $100 and that’s without shipping. I figured my next best avenue was to try and make one myself and I started going through a list of materials in my head to try and work out how I could get accomplish this inexpensively and still get good results.

Eventually I realized I could create a unicorn head out of paper just like the origami one from the movie. That’s when I got really excited.

Here's what you will need to get started with the unicorn project.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors (paper scissors as supposed to fabric scissors and yes you should have a separate pair for each)
  • Bristol board – I found silver so I bought that but any colour will do, I bought three pieces
  • Silver craft or wrapping paper
  • Glue stick
  • Picture frame
  • Foam tape
  • Crazy glue
  • Two-way tape
  • Clear tape
  • Silver tissue paper – I bought two packs but only used one
  • Ruler
  • Pilers
  • Tacks
  • Reference pictures

I started by bringing up some reference pictures up on my laptop. Using origami unicorn and Blade Runner unicorn pictures I started sketching out the face pieces onto the tracing paper. I wasn’t sure how I was going to have everything come together so after I got the basic shapes down for the face, face/neck, and ear, I went back and added ½ inch tabs to every side I thought might need to be attached together. After that I cut everything out to see how it fit and looked. Then used those pieces to make templates for the other side of the face.

I wanted the finished horse to have a little more dimension instead of having the face fold down the centre and be kind of flat like the origami unicorn. I decided to have the sidepieces join a center piece. Once I knew the pieces fit together I measured the area around the head in sections and used these measurements to trace out rectangular pieces to finish off the design. I divided the head into four sections, the mane section, the forehead and face to just under the nose, the jaw, and the neck area. I labeled each template so I would remember which one was which. It helped that each of these pieces was a different size so I could measure the finished pieces against the templates during assembly to make sure the correct pieces were put together.

Taking the templates I laid them all out on the Bristol board; traced around them and cut out the pieces. Then it was time to do the same thing with the silver paper. Keep in mind which side needs to face out depending on which side of the horses head you are working on.

Next I wrapped all the pieces in the paper using the glue stick to glue the Bristol board to the paper before wrapping the edges around. Using the ruler to create a straight, sharp edge I folded back all the tabs on each piece then wrapped and taped the paper down. The curved pieces will need notches or slits cut in both the board and the paper in order to get them to bend.

It was then time to assemble the pieces. I marked where the ears should go first and glued down the tab with crazy glue, and then used the same glue to adhere the two face pieces together.

If I were to do this again, I would do the ears a little differently. They looked great when everything was laying down flat but after everything was assembled and standing up I wasn’t as happy with the look. The ears stick out to the side too much and should be in more of a straight up position.

Laying one side of the face, face down and using the two-way tape I cut pieces to place all along the tabs then stared to stick the finishing pieces all the way around. I tried the crazy glue first but it didn’t want to stick once the pieces started to follow the curvature of the head.

Once both sides have been attached to the edging pieces this is how he looks.

Once the one side was together I used the same method with the two-way tape and carefully inserted the other side of the face.

For the horn I cut a triangle shape out of the silver paper, then started to form it into a cone shape. Then I twisted the paper to give it a horn like look. At the bottom I folded in the ends to give a place to attach it to the head. I used two-way tape to place the horn and then used tacks to pierce through the horn and forehead layers and then used pliers to fold down the ends of the tacks. I did have to pull up the forehead piece in order to adhere the horn and bend the tacks.

For the mane I used the whole package of tissue paper, half for each side. Before I started I cut a small strip off one of the sheets, I didn’t like what I had in mind so I set it aside and ended up using it later. I taped the sheets to the top of the head and then played with the ends and used little bits of two-way tape to keep them in a position that I liked. To finish off the front and hide where the mane is taped to the head I used that small strip like “bangs” and taped it to the front.

Here's our unicorn before mounting to the frame. He looks pretty majestic.

With the frame I just moved the glass to the back and taped the unicorn right to the picture mat. At first I tried two-way tape but it wasn’t strong enough. Then I moved to foam tape and the unicorn hasn’t moved. Using the tape I attached one long strip to each neck tab and fastened the unicorn to the frame.

After you’ve found a home for your unicorn, get a friend or in my case a Dad, to help you hang up your new pal.

If you’ve made this project or something like it I’d love to hear about it. For more project ideas please subscribe or follow me on Instagram.

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