The treats are one of the best parts of Halloween.
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A little Halloween Inspiration

Here is one last post to get you in the Halloween spirit. This year I’ve decorated just inside the front door and the yard. We’re all set to hand out some treats.

I’ve also made some festive goodies to snack on. Get ready for the photo montage.

I’d love to see your costumes and decorations. For more project ideas please subscribe. You can also follow me on Instagram: @mavenmakes


The garland turned out great, but those bats are going to get caught up on everything. I hope I can store it well enough to use again.

Candles, candy, crows. I think we're set.


Going to love hanging out in here while waiting for Trick or Treaters to arrive.


Moving outside I’ve got the mannequin arms doing their thing in the “graveyard.”

Puts these mannequin arms to good use. They are rising from the grave.


These little Mummy lights are so cute.


Now for the important part let’s move to the kitchen.

When you realize you don’t have a double boiler you improvise with hot water in the sink.



Time to ice up these cookies.

Again, when you don’t have a piping tip small enough it’s time to break out the plastic baggies.


We've got a stellar assortment of snacks here.

Brains anyone? Picked up these brain shaped candy molds just a couple weeks ago, couldn’t wait to use them.

Skulls, skulls and more skulls.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

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