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Project Room

With the start of the blog I’ve been more focused on crafts and projects than ever before. Previously I would come up with an idea then work on the project creating crafting chaos all over the house, since I don’t have a central space to work in. The living room floor would be the place to lie out, measure, and cut, and the dinning room table would be the sewing station. Ending the project would then mean major tidying and carting all the supplies and the sewing machine back upstairs to be put away.

This is part of the reason I need a room for this. Otherwise this is what the house looks like.

Meanwhile the extra bedroom upstairs sat being unused for anything more than giving me a lackluster empty space and a box spring to lay out fabric I’d purchased, anything to try and get out of ironing.

This is what the spare room looked like when I moved in.

About a year ago I had started dismantling the furniture in the spare room and getting it ready to be used for something else. When I started it was with the sole idea that it was going to be another area for books since my collection is ever growing. As I started taking the pieces out and the room started to become empty I lost the conviction that I had started with. My plan no longer had vision and I walked away from it, I wanted to be sure.

This is what the spare room has looked like for the past year. Usually the box spring has fabric lying all over it.

During the past year I have gone back and forth from thinking about using the room as a second library or a craft room. I couldn’t decide and then after starting the blog the crafting started to slowly take over the whole house. One day I was in the library and wanted to use my desk to write a note, but to do this I had to move piles of crafting supplies out of the way. It was the final straw; it was time to tame the beast.

The Ikea catalog showed up a couple weeks later and I was able to find the two pieces that I needed, a cupboard for storage and a table to work on.

Sewing machine, projector, patterns, fabric, it's all here.

In the cupboard I’ve got lots of room for the sewing machine, projector, fabric, patterns, templates. The IPod dock even has a permanent home along with the skulls candleholders I picked up at Halloween and my Unicorn.

The table fits in perfectly there are drawers on each side so I can have all the essentials at hand. On the side I’ll be working on I have thread, needles, tape measure, pins, pin cushions, scissors, pinking shears, and notions like zippers, buttons and ribbon. On the opposite side I’ve got glues and adhesives, embroidery thread, jewelry supplies. Both sides also fold down if I need floor space.

It took longer for the furniture to be put together than it did for me to get the room set up; I was so excited I started that night. Both pieces turned out to be exactly what I needed and I’m beyond happy with the results. This room is just what I was looking for and I’ve already made my first project. Of course it was pillows, I just can’t seem to help myself. Found this fabric in with the Halloween decorations, but in this house it fits in well with the normal décor.

This was my first project in the new room.

It’s time to get started on a new project.

If you have a crafting room, I’d love to hear about your must haves. For more project ideas please subscribe. You can also follow me on Instagram: @mavenmakes

3 thoughts on “Project Room”

  1. Hi isn’t ikea just fabulous for creating craft rooms! I’ve just done exactly the same with our attic room. It’s just bliss haven’t somewhere to create and not have to tidy up at the end of the day x

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