Here's what we are going to try to alter.
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Experimenting with Alterations

Instead of the crazy glue I ended up using a contact cement.

I’m sure we’ve all hung on to an item of clothing or an accessory thinking that we’ll fit into it again or we’ll repair it after it broke. I’m guilty of doing this, however I thought it might be a good time to experiment with doing some alterations/repairs to see if I could get new life out of these items I’ve been saving.

This is what the purse looks like with the closure from the top flap starting to rip off.

The first one is a purse that I’m really attached to it is faux horsehair, leopard print and beautiful. Hopefully you can see the issue in this picture, the faux leather on the back of the front flap isn’t fixed to anything and the weight of the bag is pulling on the closure causing the faux leather to rip.

To try and get ahead of the problem I cut around the closure where it was ripping. Used some of the faux leather left over from the pillow embellishment project, cut out a semi-circle and using crazy glue attached it to the front flap for the closure to rest on. Before I did that I did inject some glue through the hole I cut to try and keep the rest of the original material from moving around. I did use crazy glue to glue the closure back down but it didn’t hold up. I went back with contact cement and that seems to be doing the job.

There are two rompers in my closet that I love, one leopard print, see a pattern, which is too small and a floral print where the cut is short and really wide. I usually cinch it in with a belt and that make it even shorter.

For the leopard print I started by laying it out and cutting off the bottom. I wanted a dipped hem so I got a t-shirt with the same kind of cut and laid it over the former romper and used it as a template to cut the front and back hemlines making sure to leave room for a seam allowance.

I hemmed the shirt by sewing around the bottom folding on that stitch line, sewing it down, folding on that stitch line and sewing that down. This encloses the raw edge.

With the floral print romper I started by cutting off the trim. I wanted to save it to use on the hem of the tank, I left about a 1/4 inch (0.7 cm) of fabric at the top of the trim to give something to use to sew it to the hem. After the trim was cut off I cut straight across the bottom and took in the sides to the same point as the bodice piece. I left 2 inches (5 cm) at the bottom of each side seam so there would be a slit. Hem around each side slit. Sew the trim to the hemline.

There is a bodysuit that I know I tried on before I bought, but on trying to wear it later found it’s too short in the body. Using an old t-shirt I cut out a rectangle. Then cut off the front snaps from the bodysuit, leaving enough room for a seam.

I sewed the one short side of the rectangle to where I made the cut in the bodysuit and the other side to the piece with the snaps. Enclosed the raw edge on each long side by sewing down each side folding on that stitch line, sewing it down, folding on that stitch line and sewing it down.

I love the look of a shirtdress, but always have issues with the buttons gaping. I have two that I have had for years, the print on both is very much my style and I have kept them even though I’ve had recent issues getting them closed across the bust line. They just needed a little extension.

Turning the dress inside out I cut out the side seam on either side from the armpit to the seam where the bodice and the skirt attach. Using some navy fabric, I tried to find something as close in colour as I could to the dress; I drew out two triangular pieces.

Here's what supplies I used to alter the shirtdress.

To do this I used a ruler and the measurement of the seam I cut out, making sure to leave room for seam allowance and sketched out a triangle in tailors chalk. I pinned one triangle to each side and sewed around the edges.

Then I followed the same steps for the cherry print shirtdress.

So far I’m really happy with the results. The tanks probably won’t get much use till spring, but the shirtdresses will be perfect with tights and cardigans.

Have you tried to alter any of your clothes? Do you have any tips and tricks to share? For more project ideas please subscribe. You can also follow me on Instagram: @mavenmakes

3 thoughts on “Experimenting with Alterations”

  1. Bravo Maven! What an inspiring post! You should see inside my closet the piles of clothes that are in need of help. This makes me want to empty my closet and get to it. Thanks Maven!


    1. Thanks Diana! My closet was the exact same. There always seems to be something that needs a little hole fixed, a button stitched back on or a bigger issue needing to be tended to. They add up quick.
      Here’s to getting your closet sorted. Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


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