A look at some of the projects since starting the Maven blog.
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DIY Round Up

With just under 20 posts up I thought it was time to do a little DIY re-cap and see how these projects have stood up over time and whether they were really worth while.

Finished results of pillows and placemats.

Starting from the beginning we have DIY Outdoor Pillows. To visit the tutorial click here. This project was great fun an easy one to create. However the summer weather this year wasn’t really conducive to spending much time outside. It was cool and rainy, but since I have a sunroom these pillows made their way on to the couch out there and never left. They look great and are really comfortable to lie on while reading a good book.

This is what happens when the tiny stones from the top layer get out of control.

Creating a Terrarium was a way to start having indoor plants. I have been in this house three years and the only plant I’ve had inside was a beautiful arrangement that I was kindly gifted by my estate agent. It stayed in the sunroom because it has the best light. It lasted a few months and parts started to die off and the weather started to turn cold and that was it.

We had a casualty in the terrarium, unfortunately I don't know why.

I still have this terrarium in the same spot in the kitchen, but it’s a man down. One of the succulents didn’t make it and I had to remove it a few weeks ago. I’m not really sure of the reason, but it could easily be due to over watering or under watering. I thought it would be really handy to care for something that didn’t need much water, however in reality I can never remember the last time I watered it. So it could easily have been two weeks ago or two months ago. As I’m writing this I’m finding myself distracted by trying to think of the last time I watered. To view the tutorial click here.



DIY Smocked Maxi Dress is up next. This was definitely a worthwhile make and has been retired to the back of the closet until next summer. I did have to shorten the straps after a couple wears because they were just a little too long and kept sliding off my shoulders and down my arms. If I were to make another one I would probably do side slits or maybe keep part of the back seem open. I found that you couldn’t have too big a stride and getting up stairs and out of cars could be problematic because the circumference of the skirt and the long length limits your movement. Maybe next year I’ll think about making some modifications. To visit the tutorial click here.



Adding Personal Touches to Your Home was the next in the DIY series. To visit that post click here.

This is still ever changing and evolving and that’s exactly how I like it. One of the more recent changes to the house has been the creation of the project room. I’m still so in love with this space and it’s amazing to have that designated area to work in, to store all my crafting essentials and have everything right at hand. Plus I feel so much better knowing that the room serves a purpose and isn’t just neglected space.

Finished blanket is ready to use.

The epically lengthy DIY Picnic Quilt series was the biggest project to date and one of the most satisfying. This was a four part series and to get started you can view the first post here.

For the hours it took to finish this project it hasn’t really got the use that it deserves. It has come to the rescue in keeping me cozy in the sunroom on a cool night more than it has had warm days in the park. That doesn’t bother me though, this quilt isn’t going anywhere and it will have plenty of time to get its share of days in the sun.



Curtains Using Fabric Remnants is still one of my favorite projects. To visit the tutorial click here. It always makes me smile when I go to visit my friend and still see them hanging above the stove. This project has made me think about the fabric remnants that I have and to try and come up with ways to use them whenever I can. The first thing that I made in the new project room was a pair of pillows from monster fabric that I found in with the Halloween decorations. I hope to continue to find new ways to use what I already have around the house.



After a few weeks of being up on the wall the Blade Runner Inspired Unicorn Wall Mount already needed a slight repair. This project is the one project that worried me the most about its longevity. Since I like it so much I’ll keep touching it up as needed, but I may need to come up with some more long-term solutions at some point. In the meantime I’m going to keep enjoying its beauty. To visit this tutorial click here.



DIY Pillow Embellishment was originally going to be my first post, but needed some re-working in order for it to come together. I’m really pleased with how these turned out. This project took time and a lot of detail work to complete, but the final product was well worth the effort. I would definitely use this same method to make new designs in the future. To see how this project came together click here.



My work friendly Star Trek Halloween “Costume” was my first attempt at a box pleat skirt. What a great discovery. This skirt made for an excellent Halloween look and is still something I’ve got in my regular work wear rotation. For now I’ve been wearing it with warm tights and boots, but look forward to summer wear with bare legs and sandals. For the box pleat tutorial click here.



Three Household Projects was a good excuse to get some of the little jobs I kept putting off finally finished. These were necessary projects and have made it much easier to make the bed and vacuum the bedroom as well. The curtains in the sunroom won’t hit their peak of usefulness until next summer. For now they are keeping the room a little cooler than usual, which is not ideal for me since I hate the cold, but let’s not complain. To get inspired to finish off some of your household jobs you can view the post here.



Experimenting with Alterations was exactly that, but it turned out better than expected. The leopard purse was the item I was most motivated to repair, as it is an autumnal staple for me. The tanks won’t get much use until next summer but the purse and the dresses have been serving me well so far. To see the experiment for yourself click here.

If you’ve tried any of these projects or something similar I’d love to hear about it. For more project ideas please subscribe or follow me on Instagram.

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