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Alternative Tree – A Book Tree

This will be the second post in the Christmas series and this one is much less traditional. We’re going to be creating a “Christmas tree” from books.

Being a collector of books I didn’t have any issues finding enough for this project. The amount of books needed really depends on how tall you want the tree.

First thing I did was to go to my library and take a look at all the books. I wanted a variety, but also knew I would need books of a similar thickness in each row in order to keep the tree level. I took photos of every shelf I thought I would take from in order to put things back easily.

I didn’t want to get too ambitious worth the build my first time out, so I cleared off the top of a cupboard in the dinning room to build a table top book tree. Then I carried all the books downstairs.

Here are all the books I grabbed from my library. I didn't use all of them, but I tried to select groups of books that had around the same thickness.

For the first layer I took four books of equal thickness and laid them out in a square. Then found four more equal books and placed them on top in a square off set from the first layer. As I went around I also rotated between the spines or the pages facing out.

Creating a base by alternating rows of four books of equal width.

In order to create that tree shape the layers will have to gradually reduce in size. For the next layer I chose three equal books.

Starting to transition to three books.

For the next six layers I used three books. I continued to offset each layer form the one below and to rotate the spines and pages facing out.

To create that tree shape I've transitioned from four books to three and will continue to make the rows smaller in diameter.

In the next two layers I used two books each and then nine single books stacked on top. I used forty- four books in total.

The last few rows I've added have all been single books that get a little smaller as they go up.

Next I added a string of lights and the baubles from the previous post.

The DIY ornaments from last weeks project really help add some sparkle to the tree.

To be a bit more complete I wanted to add a star to the top. Using the star template from the Pillow Embellishment project and left over Bristol board from the Unicorn Wall Hanging project I traced two stars on the Bristol board.

Using the left over bristol board from the Unicorn Wall Mount project to make a tree topper.

After they were traced I added two lines at the bottom to create a base.


After cutting out the stars I used a straight edge to draw a line from the tip of the top point to the middle on one star. Then a line from the middle of the base to the mid point of the other star.

Once the stars have been cut out, use a straight edge to draw on the lines where the cuts need to be made.

Cut on both of the lines drawn and the stars can be fit together to form a three dimensional star.


Since the Bristol board I had is silver on one side and gold on the other the star can be placed either way.

The nice part of the two-sided paper is that there is the choice between gold and silver.

This is the finished Book Tree.

I really like how this turned out. I think it’s unique and really fun. Once the books are selected it comes together quite quickly.

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