I used the same sized squares as I did for the picnic quilt.
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Quilt Making Revisited

I had to wait to post about this project because it was a Christmas present for a special family member. I won’t go into all the details of making a quilt in this tutorial, but I will talk about what I did differently.

If you want more information about the process of creating a quilt, click here for part one of a four part series on the quilting method.

I have selected four fabrics of a similar colour story for this dog lover's quilt.

Since I love making themed quilts, this theme is going to be dogs. I have selected four fabrics in the same colour story involving dogs. I have also selected a brown twin sized sheet for the backing and brown bias tape for the edges.

The first steps will be to cut out the squares and then arrange the pattern repeat. Same as last time I used 10 inch (25.4 cm) squares.

I love to use a big open space to lay out the repeat.

After collecting all the fabric in row order, I started sewing the squares together. Once the rows are sewn it’s time to iron down the seams. Next join the rows together and again iron down the seams.

Once all the rows have been sewn together it's time to iron again.

Using spray adhesive and a large area, sandwich the front, batting and back together, one layer at a time. Once they are together trim around the edges so all layers are even.

Once the layers have been glued, do a quick trim to make sure the edges of all the layers are uniform.

As part of the extra detailing for this project I wanted to sew Dachshunds into the quilt. I started by taking a line drawing of a Dachshund and placed it into my projector. I traced this image in the size I wanted on to tracing paper. Then I cut out the image. Using the same technique as the anchor picnic quilt; I have taken an image of a dog and projected it on to tracing paper.

Even though I traced all of the lines, the details inside the body like part of the ear and upper legs didn’t make it on to the quilt. Next I planned out where I wanted to sew the Dachshund and how many times. There were five altogether, one in the middle and then one in each of the corners. To make it a little more interesting they are not all facing the same direction.

To sew on the dogs I decided to pin the template I created to the quilt and sew around it. If I were to do this again I would instead go with a washable marker, trace around the image, sew on that line and then wash the quilt. It was a good thing I only did this five times as my poor template had been through the wringer by the last.

After being pinned to the quilt 5 times and sewn around each time, this template is in need of retirement.

Just like the picnic quilt the image is much easier to see on the back than from the front.

Since just sewing in the Dachshunds would not be enough to keep the layers together after the adhesive washes out, I sewed in lines both vertically and horizontally, but did not go through the dogs. Once I reached a dog I would cut the treads and begin again after the image.

I am very happy with how the project turned out and was anxiously awaiting Christmas to be able to send it off to it’s intended home.

Once all the layers have been glued together, it's time to sew the layers.

Did you give any handmade gifts over the holidays? I’d love to hear about them.

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