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Starter Sewing Kit

Sewing projects or even crafting may not be for you, but what do you do when a button falls off, you find a hole in something, or a seam starts to unravel? Do you have a sewing kit?

With just a few items at hand you can fix small wear and tear issues without investing too much time or money.

Needles, thread, pins are really the basics.

Just the basics:

  • Needles: You can find these at the fabric store or online. The package that I have is an assorted hand sewing set of needles. There are 50 in the package and I’ve had them for years. This gives you a good selection and has small, thin needles for more delicate fabrics all the way up to longer, thicker needles when you are working with heavier materials.
  • Thread: Spools of thread come in different types and yardages. For simple repairs you shouldn’t need anything more fancy than a multi-purpose thread and even the smallest yardage available will keep you going for a while. As far as colours, take a look at your closet, or if you are like me and hang on to the extra buttons from your clothes, see what colours are prominent. I keep my extra buttons in a mug box in my closet so when I get something new I can cut the tag off and put any extra buttons in the box straight away for safe keeping. Black, white, navy, and brown are probably the most common staple colours.

I keep extra buttons from my clothing in a box in my closet.

  • Straight Pins: These come in handy especially if you have a seam come apart. When I got mine they came in a large box as part of a starter kit for one of my college programs. The box easily came apart and was quite cumbersome, my Mum came up with the idea to use a film container to put them in. It worked out great and it’s what I’ve used ever since. With film now being somewhat hard to find, an old pill bottle would work just as well.
  • Thimble: This is a great tool to have around when you are hand sewing or working with thicker materials. Needles hurt, protect those fingers.
  • Stitch Ripper: Mistakes happen and the stitch ripper will be your best friend in getting them sorted out. It makes removing stitches very easy and keeps you from damaging the fabric. If you used something like scissors for example things have the potential to go from bad to worse.
  • Container: I’ve had the tin I use for as long as I can remember. When I lived at home it was just the perfect size to keep my sewing supplies together and it didn’t take up much space in my room. You can use anything to keep your supplies in.



Stitch ripper, thimble, scissors are all important tools.

Little extras if you want to take your kit one step further:

  • Measuring Tape: Always good to have around. Helps keep things like hem repairs even.
  • Fabric Scissors: Not needed for cutting threads, but essential for fabric. Paper dulls scissors faster and sharp scissors are needed for getting great edges on your fabric and without any pulls.
  • Pinking Shears: Straight edges can easily fray depending on the type of material. Pinking shears are great for finishing an edge.
  • Container for your thread ends: Working with thread can get a bit messy, it’s nice to have somewhere to keep all the little ends and small fabric scraps. When I lived at home I used to use coasters with a lip for this, but now I have a glass skull. It also doubles as a fabric weight if needed.

They aren't needed for every job, but it can be handy to have pinking shears, a measuring tape and a place to put your thread ends and fabric scraps.

Odds & Ends

  • Safety Pins: You never know when you’ll need one and you can never find them when you do.
  • Sewing Machine Needles: I keep my extra needles for the sewing machine here as well.

Do you have a sewing kit? If so, do you have any suggestions on items you think I’m missing?

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5 thoughts on “Starter Sewing Kit”

    1. Fixing things can be annoying (usually because I’m already on the verge of being late for work when that button pops off), but having everything at hand makes it easier and less stressful.


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