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My Sewing Machines

There have been multiple sewing tutorials on my blog and because of this I thought it would be fun to introduce the sewing machines behind my projects. I have two sewing machines and I don’t have a serger, both happen to be Singer machines.

The first one I had and the one closest to my heart was my Grandmothers machine. The model is a Singer 221K5 Featherweight. I inherited this machine and unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to know much of the history about it. However, it is an absolutely beautiful machine. They certainly don’t do gold detailing anymore on sewing machines.

While doing some research for this post I found a site that can help you date your Featherweight based on the serial number. This machine was manufactured in Kilbowie, Scotland in July of 1952 in a 10,000 piece product run. I have to say that I was ecstatic to find this out. If you have a Featherweight that you would like to date click here.

Through more digging around on the Internet, I do know that there are different feet and other accessories that would have come with this machine, but unfortunately I don’t have any of those.

One of the interesting things about this machine is that the bobbin is loaded from almost underneath.

My favourite feature has to be the case that the machine comes in. This really helps make the machine portable and easy to store. It fits in beautifully with a place for everything and a little shelf for thread, chalk and any notions you might need for a project.

My other machine isn’t as pretty, but it is a workhorse. Not to say that my Featherweight doesn’t, but when I got into quilt making that wasn’t something I wanted to put the Featherweight through. That was when I purchase the Singer 4411 Heavy Duty.

This machine I've had just over a year and it's come in really handy.

This sewing machine has really come in handy, but am I kind of sad to say that it is now the first machine I reach for when starting a sewing project.

The Heavy Duty comes with a great set of accessories like a zipper foot and can do things like zig zag stitches, which my Featherweight cannot.

Instead of a case, this model came with a dust cover.

It also comes with a dust cover, which comes in handy for storing and since it is largely composed of plastic it weighs less than the Featherweight.

I’m not going to pick a favourite, but I’m happy to say that I have the best of both worlds with a modern machine and an elegant vintage machine.

What kind of sewing machine do you have?

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