Hanging up the finished work is really the best part of the whole project.
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It’s a Frame Job

I have mentioned before how much I like to personalize my home and make use of the things that I love. If you’d like to check out that post you can find it here. This time I’m going to go through the steps that I use when I frame art or other items.

Typically these are the things that I reach for when I'm going to frame items.

If I’m going to frame a standard piece of art like a print or a greeting card, here’s what I would need:

  • Frame
  • Bristol Board – if I need to create a picture mat
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Window Cleaner and paper towel
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Picture Hanging Device – this thing is great, it has levels built it and makes the process super easy
  • Picture Hooks – depending on the weight of what you are hanging make sure that you are looking at the maximum weight capacity on the package and are using something that will hold it
  • Two-way tape

The first thing to do is to disassemble the frame, I use the pliers to bend back the tabs on the back. Since the print I’m framing is smaller than the frame I’m going mount it on to a piece of Bristol board to act as a photo mat. I’m going to use the paper insert as a template so I cut the “mat” to the correct size.

When I can't find a frame the exact size of the item I go up one size and then cut out a piece of bristol board to mount the item to.

I am not planning on changing out this print or taking this picture down, so I’m not concerned about using tape. If this is something you aren’t comfortable with there are products that you can buy that have double sided adhesive and remove easily even from paper products.

I'm not planning on taking this apart or taking it down, so I've just used two way tape to attach the artwork to the bristol board.

Once I’m sure that the print is level and placed evenly on the “mat” I will tape it down. I usually just use a small piece in each corner. Then I peel off the protective plastic from the front and back of the plexiglas (or glass) and give both sides a quick clean. (I love how satisfying it is to peel off the protective plastic.) Using the pliers again I just fold back the tabs to secure the back. Make sure to check that any hooks on the back of the frame are going in the correct direction before you secure it in place.

I then take the handy picture hanging device to mark the spot I want and then it’s time to take a minute and fully appreciate the beauty of what you’ve just hung up.

Shadow boxes are a great way to display other items that you might have hidden away. I have done this with belt buckles and with coins. With the belt buckles I used 16 gauge wire and feed it through the material on the frame backing then wound it around the backs of the buckles.


Making sure that everything was evenly spaced and level took time, but it was so worth it in the end. I may not wear them anymore, but I still get to enjoy them.

I positioned each belt buckle carefully to make sure they were level and fully attached at all points necessary to have them displayed how I wanted.Shadow boxes make a great way to display things that you love, but either don't use anymore or have stashed away.

For the coins I cut a piece of heavy card stock to the size of the frame and used two-way tape again to affix the coins in a pattern that I found appealing.

I think this one fits in well with the old chest that I have in the living room.

Do you also like to frame out of the ordinary items? What are your favorites?

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