This is where things fell apart. Literally.
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Cake Pop Catastrophe

A couple of weeks ago I made a heart shaped cake, I wanted to test out my baking skills and do it up like some of the baking videos that I’ve watched. This lead to not only levelling the cakes, but also trimming off the sides and it gave me a pile of leftover cake parts. At the time I put all of this in the freezer with some plastic wrap overtop. I got it out and defrosted it just for this.

I froze what I cut off from the heart shaped cake I make a few weeks ago.

I’ve heard that people use cake leftovers to make cake pops. This sounded like something that would be pretty straight forward and easy to make. So easy in fact, that I wouldn’t even need to do any research. Just start with melting some chocolate, using of course my favourite method. I used part regular dark chocolate and part chili chocolate, since the cake was chili as well I thought this would be a good compliment.

I used two different flavours for the coating.

While I was waiting for that to melt I laid out some parchment paper on the work top and took the leftover cake and started pressing it into balls.

I have pressed and shaped the leftover cake into balls.

With the chocolate melted I got out some candy/lollipop sticks and after dipping each one into the melted chocolate I inserted it into each cake ball.

Things were going really well, until I started to dip the balls into the melted chocolate. And then this happened…

This is where things fell apart. Literally.

Every cake pop fell off the stick and started to break apart the minute it hit the chocolate.  So I dipped them all in, picked the pieces out and onto the parchment paper then waited until the chocolate hardened. I put them all back in the container and stuck them in the fridge. I did taste one first and I paired it with some non-dairy cashew based chocolate ice cream.

It was delicious.

In the end it tasted just as good.

What am I missing in the cake pop making process?

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9 thoughts on “Cake Pop Catastrophe”

    1. Isn’t that the truth, things don’t always work how you’d like them too.
      I’m glad yours tasted delicious too. We seem to have that part down so I think we’re on the right track. 🙂


  1. I, too, had a cake pop catastrophe. The coating on mine ended up having the consistency of fondant somehow and i tried to mold it over the cake balls. Ha. Still tasted great, so there was that. 😛

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