March came in like a lion, hope it goes out like a lamb.
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Lamb or Lion?

Remember back in school when you learned that March either came in as a lamb or a lion? I don’t know about you, but this year March came in like a lion for us.

This is how March came in where I live.

With the hopes that it will do what it should and go out like a lamb, I’ve made cupcakes to celebrate one of the most fickle months on the calendar. Something that I like to do when I’m baking is to get all the ingredients out and then put them away as I use them. That way I know where I’m at in a recipe if I lose my place or get distracted.

The decorating process was a little intense and it did take a good few hours to complete. To save time I baked the cupcakes the night before. I used a one bowl chocolate cake recipe from Martha Stewart.


This recipe was super easy and I was really happy with how the cakes turned out. They had a rich chocolate flavour and were very moist.

Since I was going to need toasted coconut for the lion manes, I spread out unsweetened coconut on to a parchment lined baking sheet and popped it into the oven. The cupcakes had just come out so I used the warmth from that to toast the coconut. With the oven off it took about 15 minutes to get the look that I was going for. I checked on it a few times and I even took out the sheet and moved the shredded coconut around to try and get it to brown evenly.

After the cupcakes came out, I turned off the oven and put in this tray of coconut.

I was really happy with how that turned out. I went to a bulk store to buy my candy supplies and I could have bought toasted coconut there, but I really didn’t like how uniform the toasting looked. I wanted some colour variation.

There isn't one thing on this cutting board that didn't make the knife a gooey mess. You'll need to keep cleaning it off.

The next morning it was so sunny and it hadn’t been sunny in so long, I worked in a sun spot in the kitchen. I separated out the brown mini M&M’s for eyes, cut the liquorice lace into tiny strips, trimmed the tips off white and orange gum drops, cut a bunch of mini marshmallows in half and a few on the diagonal for the ears.

It took a while to cut everything up, with how gooey all the candy is, I had to stop many times to clean off the knife. Near the end I took a little break and started on the icing. I used a Cupcake Jemma Buttercream recipe. I made it in the stand mixer and it turned out beautifully.

I used the stand mixer for the buttercream icing and it worked great.

I wanted to colour the icing for the lions, so I started by icing then assembling all the lambs. I did one lamb at a time so I could stick everything on before the icing set.

Eyes first, then pink icing (just used one of the pre-made ones where you place a piping tip on the container) for the nose, then ears and I filled in all the gaps with marshmallow halves.

With the remaining icing I added a generous dollop of ivory and a touch of brown food colourings and then gave it a mix by hand.

I used a little ivory and a touch of brown to create a tan colour for the lions.

Using the newly created tan shade, I iced the remaining cupcakes and assembled the lions.

I ended up having to cut down the gum drops even more so they weren't huge on this little face.

The lions started the same as the lambs, with the eyes, nose placed first. Then adding the gum drop snouts, and a roll in the toasted coconut.

The finishing touch is adding the liquorice pieces to each side for whiskers.

They look so cute severed together. Boxed up they would even make a great gift.

These handy cupcake boxes come flat packed and make a great way to transport cupcakes for gifting.

Is winter still hanging on where are are? Or are you finally starting to see signs of Spring? Do you think March is going to go out like a lamb or a lion?

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