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Culling the Collection

For a little while I’ve been thinking about cutting down my book collection. It’s contained on the shelves in the library and in the living room, but if any one looked closely they would find a mess of books crammed in behind others. This collection is something that is meant to be looked at and appreciated and in it’s current state it is not getting it the respect that it deserves.

This shelf is in my living room and for being on constant display, I can't say I'm happy with how it looks.

This is the bookshelf in the living room, looks good enough. However, if you look behind or remove any of the books, this is what you would find.

I really do have a problem here.

I was no longer enjoying the flow of this bookcase anymore. I didn’t like how it was set up and there are still things in my to read pile that need to get on this shelf and there is no room. After a complete re-organization I was much happier with this bookcase.

Not only is this a much better use of space, I really prefer how this looks. Bonus, there is still room for more!

Next it was time to tackle the library. The filing system up here is separated by genre. This is my main bookcase and holds all the crime and police procedural novels, which are my absolute favourites.

I can see some of the books sticking up behind the others. Some are much better hidden.

This also means that it holds the most overflow of books. The stack on the left was everything that came out from behind the books on just one shelf. It was time to get ruthless and really start cutting down on what I was keeping. Basically it came down to a couple of criteria, if I couldn’t remember the plot from the cover, if it wasn’t part of an existing series I’m collecting or if I remember the plot, but wasn’t overly impressed, it was time to part ways.

For years I said that I was going to keep every book I read, but it’s just not realistic if I want space for new books and to not look like a hoarder. It has taken me years to get to this point and since I was in the mood to really do it, I needed to take advantage.

The results were worth it. There is more space for new books and I get to display the ones that I really love.

Not much changed on the shelving above. This set of cases are reserved for modern fiction, humour, biographies, reference books, and books from my childhood. I did move some things over to the classics case in order to make some more room and categorize properly.

Time for a facelift and a better layout.

This bookcase houses the horror, classics, plays and school textbook collections. After assessing the situation I figured that I could add another shelf to this case and really open up some space.

I took everything off the top two shelves and added in one of the extras I bought for just such an occasion.

Adding that extra shelf has really helped keep this organized.

It really made space and let me spread everything out a bit. Since things went so well in the library I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a look through my closet and see what I could do there.

In the past I have really been a collector of clothes. I blame working in the retail industry for so long. I have gotten much better at only buying and keeping things that I really like or just “classic” pieces that can be worn in any season and avoid being super trendy.

I cleared out a few things here and there and found some homes for things that were just in the way. Ended up with a stack of clothes and a stack of books to be donated. It was a very successful spring clean.

Have you started Spring Cleaning yet? Is it something that you normally do?

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