After taping I entered the puzzle and put all the frame pieces in place.
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Puzzled (or how to hang a puzzle in ten easy steps)

Since this isn’t my first post on wall art, I think we know that I’m a big fan of putting holes in the walls of my house. This time there is going to be some time consuming prep work involved, a puzzle needs to be completed first. That isn’t a deep metaphor, an actual puzzle needs to be finished.

Step One – Find a puzzle that is worthy of being framed.

This puzzle has just been waiting for a rainy/snowy day.

Step Two – Open said puzzle, flip over, spread out and locate all the edge pieces.

Step Three – Start by putting together the edge pieces.

Step Four – Devote the rest of the day to finishing this puzzle. (It’s okay the weather outside was nasty.) Motivation for completion could be the fact that you are using the dinner table and can’t eat dinner until you’ve completed enough to slide it out of the way.

Step Five – Finish puzzle.

The left side was the most difficult since most of the pieces were just plain black.

Step Six – Find picture frame to fit puzzle.

I've got the back off the frame. I'm going to remove the plexiglass and the protective backing from one side.

Step Seven – Use the plexiglass and the frame back to sandwich the puzzle between so it can be flipped over.

Step Eight – Flip over the puzzle and remove the frame back. Use some kind of support device to keep puzzle pieces together. In this case thick masking tape.

Step Nine – Make sure the puzzle is centred, all protective glass coverings are removed and the plexiglass is clean. Place the plexiglass and puzzle back into the frame and secure the back. Remember to make sure the hook is facing the correct way before securing.

Step Ten – Hang up the puzzle on the wall. Enjoy!


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