The gap between the buttons is a reason I avoid wearing this dress.
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Closing The Gap

The weather is starting to get nicer again so it’s the point in the season where I start turning to dresses again. I love the look of shirt dresses, but tend to shy away since one of the spaces between the buttons always seems to gape, no matter what size I try on. There have been some buttoned dresses that I just haven’t been able to say “no” to. Even though things are fine at the start, once they have been worn a few times or I start moving around it them, the buttons gap. This is a really easy solution to help keep those spaces between buttons nicely in place.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Snaps – preferably in a colour close to the fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle

Here are the supplies.

The material of the dress is a polyester and is quite delicate, because of this I chose one of the smallest snaps in this variety pack. Once the snap is apart you’ll notice that one of the sides is much thicker than the other. I made sure to sew the thicker piece to the side of the placket closest to my body. I also positioned the snap at the back edge of the placket. This won’t close the gap as cleanly, but I didn’t want any chance of the snap being seen.

Once I had that part sewn on I place the other side of the placket over top and marked the centre of the snap with a pin. I used this as a guide so I would know where to sew on the other half of the snap. This way both sides would match up perfectly.

I then sewed the other half of the snap in place and removed the pin marker. Then I tested out the snap to make sure everything fit together well and closed tightly.


The dress is now ready to wear and free of gaping buttons.

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