This kitchen cart has come in so handy.
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Creating a Baking Station

One of the things that I love most about my kitchen is the cart that I have. It’s got loads of storage space and is a great way to keep all the essentials to hand when baking. I’m going to go through the cart, what is stored in it and my baking essentials as a novice & recreational baker.

The worktop usually has enough space for all my ingredients and room to work. I like to start any baking project by getting out all the ingredients and then put them away after I add them in. The cart has a rail fit for a dish cloth, which is great to help keep hands clean while working. On the shelves I have two sets of bowls, the top set is my favourite. They are Pyrex and belonged to my Grandma. I also keep my hand mixer and a set of plastic bowls. The hand mixer has to be one of the most worthwhile investments in a bakers kitchen. They aren’t super expensive and I know I get a lot of use out of mine.

Candles, spatulas, food colour, sprinkles, and prepared icings and gels, they all are ready and waiting.

Working from the top down, I have the decorating drawer. This is where I keep all the essential extras like sprinkles, candy, candles and food colour gels. I also have pre-packaged coloured icings and gels and a very important pair of spatulas for icing cakes. An off-set spatula is another essential in my baking tool kit.

This container is home to all of the gel colours to tint icing. They are super pigmented and last for ages.

In the cupboard it’s organized chaos. The top shelf holds the containers with flour, white & brown sugars, I also keep icing sugar and a big bag of chocolate chips stashed up there. One of the things I like to do is to have a scoop in each container, I find this really handy when transferring the ingredient into a measuring cup.

The lower shelf is home to all kinds essentials, like my vast collection of cupcake liners, piping bags, treat bags, cookie cutters, and flavour extracts.

As far as baking pans, I’ve got a bunch of different ones, but the the real essentials depends on what you will be making. A baking sheet, cupcake tray, and either a round or square baking pan are good places to start and will cover a lot of ground. After that, there are bundt pans, angel food cake pans, loaf pans, the possibilities are almost endless.

I have a little collection going of baking pans, but to get started a cupcake tray and a round or square pan would probably be enough.

Something else that I think is essential, especially considering my collection, is candy moulds. These can make a nice finishing touch to a creation, like my heart shaped cake, or can fill a treat bag. It’s fast and easy to melt either chocolate or coloured candy melts to fill the moulds. Chocolate is my favourite, and I am really fond of the candy moulds that make lollies, the only additional thing needed is to pick up some lolly sticks.

I may have a bit of a problem, but it's so easy to melt some chocolate and create something great. The lollies are my favourite.

A cooling rack is another absolute essential, it cuts down cooling time and keeps your bake goods from getting soggy on the bottom. Silicon baking sheets also come in handy and will cut costs from always relying on parchment paper and or cooking sprays for baking.

This cooling rack is worth every penny, it's especially great when baking cookies.

If you will be doing any traveling with your creations or even to store them, a cupcake/cake caddy will be helpful. This one is amazing, it has trays for cupcakes, mini cupcakes and if you remove all those you could easily fit a layered cake. For smaller batches I love these little cake boxes. They hold four cupcakes and without the insert a tiny cake. Since they are made of plain paper they could also easily be decorated for a more personal touch.

Last but by no means least, an apron to help keep you clean and a set of oven mitts for protection are always a must.

I get messy and I it can be very easy to get burnt while baking, so keep those oven mitts handy.

If you are looking for a baking splurge, I have one item, a stand mixer. It’s a powerful workhorse appliance and it looks good while doing it.

It isn't necessary to have one of these, but they are useful and they sure do look pretty sitting on your counter.

What are your baking essentials?

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6 thoughts on “Creating a Baking Station”

  1. Wow Maven, love how you made this baking station! It’s so organized! I miss baking, it’s been a while, but it’s fun when I get the chance. I absolutely love your blue kitchen aid mixer, how cool is that!? I was lucky enough to have a friend give one to me, it came from his parents actually. You’re lucky to have one, they’re a time saver! This was a great read, thanks for sharing!

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