Some examples of things to keep in your fire proof box, important papers, extra keys, external hard drive, passport.
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This is Not a Test (Prepping For Emergencies)

It’s the middle of the night, you are suddenly wide awake. As you start to get your bearings and begin to wonder what woke you, the security system activates. The alarm horn blares and you freeze wondering what you should do next.

When I figure out what that “correct” next move should be, I’ll let you know, but that exact scenario happened to me a few weeks ago. The experience left me thinking how prepared are we for “emergency” situations and have we really given much thought to what we would or better yet, should do.

We all know the importance of having working smoke and carbon-monoxide alarms in your house and having an escape plan. I also have a couple of fire extinguishers in case anything should happen. This one is in my kitchen.

I've got one of these in the kitchen and upstairs as well.

Something I think is a great idea is to have a fire proof box. They come in different sizes and aren’t cheap, but would be invaluable should anything happen. These boxes also weigh a ton so give some thought to where you will keep it, because you won’t want to be moving it around. I use mine to store the external hard drive for my computer, important papers (like my writing notebook), extra keys for the house, my passport.

When selecting a fire proof box, think about the size of the items you'll be keeping in it. They come in different sizes.

Top tip, keep that external hard drive backed up on the regular, or like me you’ll be waiting for 2 hours for it to do it’s thing.

Since this is going to take 3 hours, you'd probably want to do this more regularly than me.

Years ago my Mum suggested that I keep a record of the cards in my purse in case it ever gets lost or stolen. It’s a great idea since I’m sure that I’d have no clue what was really in there if I had to guess. Plus for some of those cards the contact information for the company is on the card, which would be a pain to find if you no longer have said card. I laid out everything in my wallet on the photocopier and made a copy, then I flipped it all over and reinserted the page so I’d have a copy of the backs of the cards as well.

I laid out everything in my wallet on the printer and took a copy. Then I flipped everything over put the piece of paper back in so I'd have a copy of the front and back of every card.

I live in an area with lots of water and I keep a Lifehammer in my glove compartment. It’s bright orange so it should be easy to spot, it has a blade to cut through the seat belt and two hammer ends to break windows if the car was submerged.

I keep this in my glove compartment. If your car ends up in water, it has a blade to cut through the seatbelt and ends that will break windows.

Worse case scenario, if the house alarm goes off in the middle of the night again, this is my plan B.


If everything else fails you can always stick to the basics.

If you have any suggestions for me on how to be more prepared, I’d love to hear them.

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