This fancy new shower curtain wouldn't stay this way for long with all the rust that was on the hooks.
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What a Coat of Paint Will Do

Recently I came across a couple new bathroom accessories that floated my boat. Get it? Bad joke.

Got a new shower curtain and bath mat to freshen things up.

However, when I took the previous shower curtain down I noticed that the shower curtain hooks had left a couple of rust marks. I knew they had started to rust, but didn’t realize it was bad enough they started to transfer. The previous curtain was taupe and brown and hides the minimal staining well, but this new curtain is white and it’s pristine colour will not last long at this rate.

These shower hooks are starting to rust and since this is a new shower curtain, I don't want the rust to transfer.

I made a visit to the hardware store to see what kind of rust related paint I could find. There were several metallic shades and I chose a flat Antique Nickel. From the lid and my memory this seemed to be the best match and I knew I didn’t want anything with a gloss finish.

Once everything was down I also noticed that the hooks had left rust marks on the bar, but a quick clean with some CLR fixed that right up.

After reading the directions, I washed and dried the hooks. Then I picked a shady spot in the yard and laid out some newsprint.

As per the directions on the paint, I am washing and drying the hooks first.

The instructions said that the paint would be dry to touch in 1 hour and fully set in 24. I sprayed one coat as evenly as possible and set a timer.

I've got all the hooks laid out on some newspaper and I'm ready to get a first coat on.

I was back in an hour to flip and spray the other side. I brought out some latex gloves with me just in case, but I didn’t need them the paint was dry. After one more coat, I reset the timer.

I transferred them to a clean piece of newsprint and brought them inside to finish the curing process.

Then it was time to hang everything back up. I was really impressed with how well the paint covered the rust.

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