Love this little guy.
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The Beauty of Summer

I don’t know what the weather has been like where you are, but here it’s been an usual Spring. It was so cold in May that I didn’t get a chance to plant any flowers when I normally would. I guess I could have, but I didn’t want to have to remember to bring everything in overnight as the overnight lows we were having were not conducive to growing things.

A couple weeks ago I finally got the chance to hit a garden centre, plus the weather had been good for a few weeks steady as well. I was a little worried because I had already started to see signs posted for end of season sales. So I knew that I was late to the game. The selection wasn’t what it would have been if I’d gotten started sooner, but I found what I was looking for minus a couple things I had to substitute.

I have four planters at my house. I keep two on the deck, these two are wooden planters that were made for me as a house warming present by a friend. Then I also have two planters that I keep out by my garden shed. I kept things basically the same this year in all the planters, just changing out the flowers in two due to what was available.

I don’t have a large yard and I’m not really that great at gardening so I don’t grow any food or have an actual garden. I’m lucky that all the flower beds at my house have super low maintenance plants or shrubs, courtesy of the previous owners. There is a little flower bed near the garage that is my favourite. In it there is a rose bush and the first year I was in the house I planted Snapdragons. I’ve had really good luck with them and have never had to replant them, they keep coming back year after year. This is the fourth year for the Snapdragons, I thought that they wouldn’t be coming out this year, but like everything else it turned out that they just got a late start.

My newest purchase has been this T-rex planter and I just love it. I bought a succulent to plant in it and they seem to be doing well in their sunroom home.

Love this little guy.

At the end of the winter I thought that I’d try growing something inside that I could later move outdoors. I found this cube that came ready to grow Lavender, all I needed to do was water and wait. Then after the plant got established the whole cube could just be planted in the ground.

We have our cube and our instructions.

Things started out good and the instructions were simple. Peel back the label, add water, plastic cover and then keep checking on it. The plastic cover was taped to the bottom of the cube and it ripped while I was trying to remove it. I patched that up, followed the instructions and then waited.

For the longest time nothing happened. Then one day I found this little guy and I was so excited.

We have the first sprout coming up.

Then it got a little bigger, but the stem didn’t seem able to support the weight to grow up, it kept growing sideways. I redirected the plant to the light source to see if that would help, but it wasn’t to be and the plant didn’t survive more than a few days.

My proudest plant accomplishment this year was keeping my Citronella alive over the winter. It actually kept growing as well. Since I had to wait so long before the weather got nice enough for me to let it outside I was getting antsy and didn’t acclimatize it to being back outside. My Mum told me that I should have started by letting it out for small periods and then bring it back in so it could adjust properly. It’s had a few set backs, but hopefully I can get it back and keep it well.

This guy I had last year and I brought him in for the winter and he did really well. Until I brought him out for the summer this year.

I’m sure there are many of you who have greener thumbs than I, do you have any tips for me?

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Summer”

  1. Your plants look very healthy Maven! You definitely have the green thumb! I only have an orchid (inside) and my baby aloe vera plant outside. I’m looking into homemade plant food, such as egg shells and molasses diluted in water for calcium and potassium. I may try it. It’s amazing what comes up on the internet!

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