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DIY Fascinator

My Mum was invited to a wedding this Summer and she wanted a fascinator to wear with her dress. I told her that I would make her something. I thought this was going to be an easy project, but it turned out to be much more difficult than I anticipated. It wasn’t that the process was hard, but more so that I wasn’t really sure until the end how I was going to make it and if it was all really going to come together.

I started the process by doing some research online. I found some absolutely gorgeous images, but they would not easily be recreated with my resources. Lacking vision for the project I went to the craft, fabric and beauty supply stores to see what I could find.

Summer wedding season is here and you might find yourself wanting a hair accessory to complete your outfit.

Here’s what I came home with:

  • Flowers
  • Feathers
  • Fabric Dye
  • Craft Paint
  • Tool
  • Ribbon (couldn’t find a use for this in the end)
  • Felt
  • Hair Clips

Since I couldn’t find feathers in the colour I wanted, I thought that dying them would be a good option. I started with this first since I wasn’t sure if they would turn out or how long the process would take. I used a powdered fabric dye and I actually left them in the mixture for days, making sure to stir and check on them regularly. In case of accidents and because fabric dye is potent, I did this in a plastic container in my laundry tub and I made sure to wear old clothes. After removing the feathers from the dye I rinsed them and left them in the basement on paper towel to dry.

I couldn't get the colour of feathers that I wanted at the store, plus all the coloured ones looked really fake. I used dye to try and colour these ones.

The dye didn’t take to all places on the feather, I ended up trimming the tops off. It was a shame because I choose those feathers since the tops had such great movement.

While I was waiting for the feathers I started working with the tool. I bought a metre and cut strips off lengthwise. I wasn’t real precise about it since none of the edges would be showing. I folded the tool strip in half lengthwise and with the raw edges facing down I began to pinch the tool and make tiny gathers. I folded one edge in to form a middle and then started to gather and pinch the strip around it. I was trying to get a florette or flower look. Have a needle and thread ready before you start working with the tool.

Once I was happy with the results, sometimes it took a couple tries to get something I liked, I held everything with one hand and then placed in some stitches with the other until I could let the florette go. Once I had a couple stabilizing stitches in, I would wrap the thread around then base then add a few more stitches.

Once you've got your tool bunch or florette looking how you would like, sew the bottom in place.

I made about 8 or 9 of these. Then I moved on to the base. Using a piece of paper I traced and cut out an oval. I kept placing the oval against my head to see the size and shape and once it was the right size I traced two ovals out of the felt.

The plan for this fascinator change several times and I eventually realized that a base would be necessary. Felt worked perfectly.

Taking one of the felt ovals I began to attach the tool florettes. I trimmed the bottoms so I could place the florettes flush against the felt and then sewed them to the felt. Once they were attached I could spread out the tops and sew them into an arrangement that I liked.  You don’t need to be overly neat with the stitches on the bottom side, it will be covered.

After sewing up all the florettes, I trimmed the bottoms and started to arrange them on the piece of felt, first sewing them down and then arranging the gathers.

To make some room for the petals and feathers, I sewed a little depression into the centre.

Next I started to remove some flowers from the steams. I cut them off and separated the petals. I painted some of them with an iridescent fabric paint and left them to dry.

After sewing all the tool florettes to the felt, I sewed down a little depression in the middle.

Using a hot glue gun I glued the feathers and the petals in place. Feeling that I needed a little something in the centre of the flower, I added a pearl.

Taking the second piece of felt and the hair clips, I placed them on the felt, then sewed them into place.

To keep this fixed on the head, I used hair clips that I sewed to a second piece of felt.

Flipping over the fascinator felt and place the hair clip felt on top, using whip stitches I sewed both pieces together.

Using whip stitches I sewed the felt with the clips to the felt holding all the fascinator pieces.

You’re now ready for your big event.

This is what the finished fascinator looks like.

Have you ever made a fascinator or a fancy hair accessory?

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3 thoughts on “DIY Fascinator”

  1. Oooooh! I love this! Hair accessories are the best! Maven, this was labor intense, you’re right! I have to say it turned out very lovely and I’m sure your Mother would be proud to wear it. I’m really getting into making hair adornments, just bought a book about this subject. I’m enjoying it so much. Love your projects Maven!

    Liked by 1 person

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