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Super Hero Birthday

When I worked in a Retail environment I used to make cupcakes for all my fellow employees on their birthdays. Nothing really has changed, I still love making cupcakes whenever I get the chance. I always like to work with a theme and in keeping to that I attempted to make some Super Hero inspired cupcakes.

To achieve the results that I wanted I thought that I would make both cookies and cupcakes. I took my inspiration from Captain America thought that I would decorate the cookies as his shield and the cupcakes in red, white & blue.

Here's what I used to make sugar cookies.

To get started I thought I would make the cookies. This was going to be more than a one day job and once the cookies were iced they could hang out in the fridge for a few days.

I made the Vegan Sugar Cookie dough, rolled it out and cut it into circles using the smallest circular cookie cutter I had. At the time I was thinking that these shields would sit on top of the cupcakes  so I wanted to make sure they would be small enough to fit. I only made twelve cookies and put the rest of the dough in the freezer to make something another day.

I've got all the icing prepped in sandwich bags.

After transferring the cookies to a rack to cool, I started to make the icing. Once it was ready I divided it up based on how much would be needed for each colour. Red and blue would need the most. I coloured the icing then transferred it to sandwich bags so I could pipe.

To make the white icing sliver I used luster dust mixed with a little lemon extract.

I started from the inside out, blue icing first. I had bought a star shaped candy mould in order to make the stars for the middle of each shield. I wanted to make sure to make the blue area in the middle would be big enough to hold the star.

Making perfect circles with icing proved trickier than I had thought, I started with the outline and filled it in, but the icing must have been just a touch too runny because it moved a bit while drying.

While the icing was setting I moved on to the stars, I melted some white chocolate in my preferred method of using the sink. Then I poured it into the moulds. I should have taken a little more care to make the stars thin. I thought that after the fact I could shave them down a bit with a hot knife, it did not work out.

To finish the cookies I mixed some silver luster dust with some lemon extract to make a paste (you need very little liquid for this) and then painted it on the white circles of the cookies.

I wanted to do this for the stars as well, but didn’t realize at the time that luster dust doesn’t stick to chocolate. I gave it my best try by painting on some dust dry and then painting on the paste. I would do something different if I were to do this again. I kept the leftover blue icing to use to stick the stars to the cookies.

I baked up these Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes.

For the cupcakes I bought some shiny blue papers and they worked out really well. I made the same chocolate cupcake recipe that I made a few weeks ago.

For the icing instead of piping each colour separately I wanted to have them come out together but not mix. I saw someone else use this method and really wanted to try it out. I mixed up some Vegan Buttercream and separated it into three equal parts, colouring one blue and one red.

Each colour gets put down in a line on a piece of cling film.

Laying out a sheet of cling film I scooped each colour out in a line one after the other. I did this widthwise but should have done it lengthwise. I didn’t leave enough space at the one end to seal in the icing properly.

I wanted to make these colours swirl but not mix together.

After spreading them out I wrapped up the film into a cylinder, twisted one end closed and trimmed the other end so the icing was exposed.

I put a star tip on a piping bag then inserted the icing cylinder and away I went. I would recommend taking a piece of parchment and doing some testers before moving to the cupcakes. After a few goes the colours start to all come out at the same time.

In the end the cookies looked ok, and I thought the cupcakes looked great. I didn’t end up putting the cookies on top of the cupcakes.

Have you ever tried Super Hero baking?

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