These cookies look great.
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Animal Sugar Cookies

In the last post I had some vegan sugar cookie dough leftover. I wrapped it up in parchment paper and cling film for safe keeping and placed it in a container in the freezer. I’m not sure how long it would last that way, I just didn’t have time to make all those cookies special at once. I kept it in the freezer for about a week, then left it out to thaw for a couple hours.

I got three cookie cutters at the craft store that I hadn’t had a chance to try out yet. I got a flamingo, a T-rex and a unicorn.

After the Captain America cookies, I froze the extra dough for later.

One thing that I have to say about the dough that I used was I didn’t need any flour to roll it out. It didn’t want to stick to any surface or the rolling pin, but at the same time the edges were prone to cracking. I worked with it in small batches in order to try and not overwork the dough.

For the icing split it into four, to equal parts. I made a small batch of purple icing, lots of pink and equal amounts teal and white. This was based on how many flamingos I had, their shape was good for fitting in places so I ended with the largest number.

Learning from last time I made sure that I kept the icing stiffer. I added the non-dairy milk in small batches and made sure the icing was workable, but not at all runny. I then transferred the icing over to sandwich bags and cut a small hole in one end.

I rolled and cut out the shapes, then mixed three colours of icing.

Starting with the outline first and then moving in to fill the cookie. I kept a fork handy to help spread the fill if gently tapping didn’t do it. I started with the white and filled all the bodies of the unicorns. I left the manes and tails for now.

I started with the bodies of the unicorns and then moved on to the flamingos.

I set the white aside and moved on to the pink and the flamingos. I left space at the feet and nose for different colours. I then went back with the white and filled the flamingo feet and a strip on the nose right after the pink.

I started with icing the outline and then went back in a filled the cookie.

I then moved back to the unicorns and piped some pink stripes in the mane and tails. I went back with the purple and did the same thing.

I wanted to make sure that there was a white icing down on any place I would be using the gold luster dust.

Then I started on the T-rex using the teal. Once they were done I went in and filled the last remaining mane and tail spaces with the teal.

I went in at the end with a black gel icing to dot on eyes and the tips of the flamingo noses.

For a little added touch I got out the gold luster dust and I used vodka to activate it this time. Again only a tiny amount is needed to make a paste. I brushed the gold on the horns and hooves of the unicorns, the feet of the flamingos and the mouths and toes of the T-rex.

I used a fork to help spread the icing over any holes and a toothpick to dot on some eyes.

As the last touch I used a black gel icing and filled the tips of the flamingo noses. I also used a toothpick and the gel to dot on eyes.

I've just left everybody on the parchment paper to give the icing time to set up before I put them in a container.

I think these turned out super cute, plus they were tasty and fun to eat.

The gold luster dust really finishes these off.

What is your favourite shape to cut out and decorate when you make sugar cookies?

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These cookies look great.

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