Some examples of things to keep in your fire proof box, important papers, extra keys, external hard drive, passport.
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This is Not a Test (Prepping For Emergencies)

It's the middle of the night, you are suddenly wide awake. As you start to get your bearings and begin to wonder what woke you, the security system activates. The alarm horn blares and you freeze wondering what you should do next. When I figure out what that "correct" next move should be, I'll let… Continue reading This is Not a Test (Prepping For Emergencies)

My how things have changed.
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My Sewing Machines

There have been multiple sewing tutorials on my blog and because of this I thought it would be fun to introduce the sewing machines behind my projects. I have two sewing machines and I don't have a serger, both happen to be Singer machines. The first one I had and the one closest to my… Continue reading My Sewing Machines

A look at some of the projects since starting the Maven blog.
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DIY Round Up

With just under 20 posts up I thought it was time to do a little DIY re-cap and see how these projects have stood up over time and whether they were really worth while. Starting from the beginning we have DIY Outdoor Pillows. To visit the tutorial click here.┬áThis project was great fun an easy… Continue reading DIY Round Up