This fancy new shower curtain wouldn't stay this way for long with all the rust that was on the hooks.
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What a Coat of Paint Will Do

Recently I came across a couple new bathroom accessories that floated my boat. Get it? Bad joke. However, when I took the previous shower curtain down I noticed that the shower curtain hooks had left a couple of rust marks. I knew they had started to rust, but didn't realize it was bad enough they… Continue reading What a Coat of Paint Will Do

Some examples of things to keep in your fire proof box, important papers, extra keys, external hard drive, passport.
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This is Not a Test (Prepping For Emergencies)

It's the middle of the night, you are suddenly wide awake. As you start to get your bearings and begin to wonder what woke you, the security system activates. The alarm horn blares and you freeze wondering what you should do next. When I figure out what that "correct" next move should be, I'll let… Continue reading This is Not a Test (Prepping For Emergencies)