Here's the assorted fabric remnants I have left over from a previous project.
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Curtains Using Fabric Remnants

This project was about necessity and recycling items I already had. A friend needed a pair of drapes. I had fabric left over from a previous project. Match made in heaven… After measuring the window in need of dressing it was apparent that my plan was going to have some hiccups. The window was 40… Continue reading Curtains Using Fabric Remnants

Picnic ready quilt.
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DIY Picnic Quilt – Part 1

We’re going on a picnic. Before you pick the menu and pack your basket, you’re going to need something to sit on. Now of course literally any old blanket could do, but why settle for something getting musty in your basement when you could have something awesome. We’re going all out with this one; we’re… Continue reading DIY Picnic Quilt – Part 1